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There are currently no positions available, however we encourage you to still send in your resume & cover letter to for any future positions that become available.
Projects and IT Support Officer 

This position is responsible for establishing and co-ordinating projects of need within the branch regarding larger scope projects, IT needs and branch needs and development.


The following is intended to illustrate the type and level of work typically performed in this role and is not intended to be a comprehensive description of duties performed.

  • Look after and aide in implementation of the required technical projects within our team and services.
  • Analyze, plan, and coordinate the development and execution of the system being implemented, plan and find solutions.
  • Maintain front line support to our third-party providers, branch, and team.
  • Procure as needed, through discussion with General Manager, technology needs and infrastructure to support our growing technology needs.
  • Ensure a constant communication with service providers and all level of branch staff on the progress and updates as needed for special projects and IT items.
  • Complete system modifications, system tests / audits on new and modified applications and assess system performance to ensure quality of product and system.
  • Analyze and manage the technology deployments with General Manager, Management Team, and Marketing Officer.
  • Analyze, resolve and trouble shoot system issues related to projects and IT updates and development.
  • Provide local and remote–user issue support and resolution
  • Manage change requests as needed for projects and IT.
  • Execute on other tasks as determined by General Manager, branch needs and project requirements.
  • Aid in the development of standards, procedures and policies for Special projects and IT requirements.




  1. Communication will be key as you work with third party providers and branch teams on projects and IT implementation.
  2. Tracking and recording of what is taking place, where we are at and what may be needed will be imperative. It is essential to ensure records are kept ensuring we have details, reporting needs and updates as project move along.
  3. Ensure management, branch and teams are kept up to date of happening and requirements to ensure success and smooth transition of updates, projects and technology.

Compliance and Risk

  1. Adhere to security procedures as they relate to the position
  2. Adhere to legislation, policy & procedure as they relate to the position.
  3. Adhere to privacy, market code and other relevant legislation when dealing with members and disclosing information                          

Human Resource

  1. Train and support team members as required.
  2. Relieve for other staff as required.
  3. Actively participate in department/work unit and credit union meetings.
  4. Support team members and branch to achieve goals.


To train, support, provide relief, to all staff within the organization,

To participate and provide input to all levels of meetings held

To not perform functions for immediate family

To work as a team player for the Credit Union

To accept and be willing to take on duties as assigned by management


Under general supervision, guided by established standards and procedures, work is routine but varied and use of good judgement for normal decision making.



  1. Interpersonal/Communication
  • builds and sustains effective working relationships with staff, management, and board.
  • communicates clearly and concisely
  • strong written communication skills
  • spelling/grammar/structure
  • effective listening skills
  • effective telephone skills
  • deals with conflict positively and supports others to resolve differences
  • ability to sustain openness and trust, provides emotional support and effectively handles expressions of strong feeling
  1. Leadership
  • a positive attitude toward change
  • recognition of and respect for people's diversity and individual differences
  • coach, mentor, motivate fellow team members assigned to tasks and projects.
  • take responsibility for actions
  • personal initiative - act to get job done effectively and efficiently and support others on the team to get job done
  • participate with others outside the team to enable them to act (ie: provide information that enables others to act)
  1. Managing Change
  • continuous learning and development; cross training to foster skill development
  • flexible and adaptable in implementing the credit union's goals
  • ability to balance work and home responsibilities
  • stress management
  • effective time management
  • understanding and commitment to making changes
  1. Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problem Solving

  • ability to identify, analyze and generate solutions to problems based on established procedures and/or past experience
  • ability to recognize when a problem requires referral to supervisor
  • anticipate problems, generate solutions
  • take action within scope of position

Decision Making

  • ability to make sound decisions based on policies, procedures and experience
  • take action within scope of position
  1. Working in Teams
  • work collaboratively to accomplish common goals
  • participate in team development and in identification of team roles, responsibilities and goals as position evolves.
  • recognize and celebrate team successes
  • complies with requests to support team efforts
  1. Innovation/Creativity
  • finding and communicating new ideas for old problems
  • presenting new ideas that have productive outcomes (results in the generation of practical applications or development of new procedures)
  1. Strategic Thinking and Planning
  • ability to relate actions to the strategic plans of the organization
  • knowledge of the organization and the credit union system


Detail Oriented: Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well

Team Player: Works well as a member of a group

Enthusiastic: Shows intense and eager enjoyment and interest

Ability to Make an Impact: Inspired to perform well by the ability to contribute to the success of a project or the organization

Growth Opportunities: Inspired to perform well by the chance to take on more responsibility

Work-Life Balance: Inspired to perform well by having ample time to pursue work and interests outside of work

Training: interested in continued development of self and role, continued learning.


  • Development of processes, including diarized notes where applicable, to ensure consistent completion of all reporting required.
  • Promoting what Turtleford Credit Union can do for the membership. Knowing our products and services with confidence, aids in promotion of Turtleford for their main banking needs.
  • Other Duties as assigned.


  • Word processing (i.e. Microsoft Word) – Basic & Advanced levels
  • Spreadsheet (i.e. Microsoft Excel) – Basic & Advanced levels
  • Email program (i.e. Microsoft Outlook) – Basic knowledge
  • Experience in IT infrastructure and application support
  • Experience in Integration Software and programs
  • Client focused approach and possess the ability to analyze and resolve hardware and software problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Demonstrate organizational and analytical skills
  • Outstanding approach to teamwork, collaboration, and communication
  • Network knowledge and wireless technologies
  • Identifies and manages project milestones, deliverables, dependencies, and critical pathing
  • Has at least 2 - 4 years of experience within a Credit Union system.


IT experience with similar responsibilities preferred

Understanding of:

  • Networking concepts
  • Installing and troubleshooting devices
  • Backup Systems
  • Knowledge of Microsoft based Operating systems and software
  • Office 365
  • Teams
  • One Drive
  • Website and system updates
  • Project development and supervision


Drop off or email your resume & cover letter to 
Deadline to apply: February 24th, 2023