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Card Related Services


Turtleford Credit Union offers the following card services:

  • Member Card® Debit Card
  • Mastercard Credit
  • Merchant Services

For a lost Member Card Debit Card or Mastercard call: 1-800-LOST-111 (1-800-567-8111) FOR CANADA and U.S. OR 1-(306) 566-1276 (COLLECT FROM ELSEWHERE).

Member Card Debit Card

This card allows you instant access to your funds for making purchases at participating merchants and through Automated Teller Machines. All you need is your MEMBER CARD Debit Card PIN (personal identification number) to gain confidential access to your accounts.

  • Withdraw cash at ATMs displaying the ACCULINK®, INTERAC†, AND CIRRUS® LOGOS.
  • Make deposits at any credit union ATM. Deposits are verified next business day at which time you will be able to access the deposited funds.
  • Transfer money to and from accounts within the same membership number.
  • Buyer Protection - Full 90 days after the purchase using your Member Card Debit Card, the item is protected if it is lost, stolen, dropped and broken or even consumed in a fire (valid claims will be satisfied by either replacing the lost or damaged item, or by cash payment in an amount not to exceed the amount of the total purchase price).
  • Extended Warranty- Double the warranty period of a purchased item up to one year, as long as the manufacturer’s warranty is valid in Canada for 5 years or less. Shopping at a merchant who doesn’t offer interac Direct payment – make a purchase using a cheque drawn on your insured account and receive the same protection for your purchase.

Foreign Currency ATM and POS Member Card Debit or Mobile Transactions: Foreign currency Member Card transactions are processed by our foreign network partners (Mastercard International, NYCE*), who determine the currency conversion rate. A 2.5% administration fee is added to the transaction amount presented for authorization on your account.

Additional fees may be charged by ATM owners as part of the transaction amount.

Collabria MasterCard Options