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Card Related Services 
Debit Cards 
Purchase with ease.
Our debit cards allow you to access funds in your account easily and securely. A convient alternative to cash or cheques.

Withdrawal - $800 daily 
Purchases - $3000 daily 
Interac Flash Payment - $250 per transaction 

Interac® Flash
The fast, secure way to use your own money. Tap your card to pay for everyday purchases quickly and securely with out having to swipe or insert your debit card with Interac® Flash in Canada. 

An easy way to manage your debit cards. 

Have you lost your debit card?
Lock’N’Block® you can lock your debit card or block ATM transactions and purchases. You can also block your card for transactions made outside of Canada. 
To manage your debit card, simply login to your online banking or mobile app. Under the account services tab, select Lock’N’Block®. 
Personal Credit Cards 

Build credit for the life you want
Find a card that works best for you and your lifestyle. From cash back on your everyday purchases to valuable travel insurance benefits, we have a card to fit you. 

Classic Mastercard®

Credit card convenience. Simple. easy and smart. 

Annual Fee: $0 
Interest Rate: 12.99% Fixed

Cash Back World Elite® Mastercard® - NEW

Everyday rewards that move you.  

Annual Fee: $120.00 
Interest Rate: 20.99% Fixed

Cash Back Mastercard®

Earn cash rewards for everyday purchases. 

Annual Fee: $0 
Interest Rate: 19.99% Fixed

World Mastercard®

A wide world of privileges. 

Annual Fee: $120.00 
Interest Rate: 20.99% Fixed

Centra Gold Mastercard®

A perfect balance of premium rewards and low rates. 

Annual Fee: $50.00 
Interest Rate: 11.99% Fixed

US Dollar Mastercard®

Carry the card that's as rewarding as your US travel. 

Annual Fee: $50.00 USD 
Interest Rate: 19.99% Fixed

Business Credit Cards 

Find the right card for your business
We are proud to offer a selection of business credit cards that will fit your needs and help your business succeed.  

Low Rate Business Mastercard®

The practical solution for business purchases.  

Annual Fee: $25.00 
Interest Rate: 12.99%

No Fee Cash Back Business Mastercard®

The smart way to make the most of your company's purchases.  

Annual Fee: $0 
Interest Rate: 19.99% Fixed

Platinum Business Mastercard®

Elite privileges for your business.  

Annual Fee: $99.00 
Interest Rate: 20.99% Fixed